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Full text of "Deed, Oliver Kellogg to Jonathan Morton, 1709"

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RNOV/ all Men by thefe Erefents. 
That S 0'u^*eii Jic/c^^j^^'<rfCnZ^Aifv'M^ 

in Confidcratlon ot f^Y^ r'"'^f"' '^7/ ' A/ ^ 
Lawful Money, paia rru^h^ Jr8TL<i/k(yhj VrJ in/L^tL 

the Receipt' whereof «/- "'do hereby acknowledge, dc 
grant, fell And convey unto, the faid ^&7x^^fKe>AT~ a^txxL- 



To Have and to Hold, the fame to the faid tJ'^-rtA-'fixA/H^ei.tyu?^ 

hi} Heirs, to A*l^ ^^/9 ^c? _, _ ufe and Behoof forever. 

And J' ^- do Covenant with the faid xhfrL^rh^tx:) 

h^lrlcliS and Affigns, Thatt4i/7x; lawfully feized in Fee of the Premlfes, 
That they ^e free of all Incumbrances, That c^- • have good Right to 
fell and convey the fame to the faid ij d-j-KX^o^^ ^ . 

And that ^- - wili warrant and defend the fame to the faid 


^ and Affigas foJ'cvej', again^ die Jawful Claims and Demands of all Pcrfons. 
y (a i/ ' p UtU 



n ( 





-t- —